AANE Support Group

For several years I have been participating in a support group with other Adults on the autism spectrum though a organization called AANE. A closed support group has the same group members (up to 12) for a set number of sessions (8). Closed support groups are ideal for adults who are looking for deeper connections and more extensive peer support from group members. For the best support group experience, closed group members should plan on attending all 8 meetings in the series. This group offers a safe environment where adults on the spectrum can talk with like-minded people, share issues and concerns, and celebrate successes. Common topics include: disclosure, self-advocacy, and relationships.  It has being a learning experience to learn from others that face similar challenges as I do.   – Greg

Introduction to ‘The Therapist Corner’

Welcome to a new feature on the website:  the Therapist Corner.   I have had the good fortune to work with Greg beginning in the 1990’s.  At the time I never thought that I would still be in a continuing counseling relationship with Greg 30 years later!

When Greg and I first met I had a basic ‘book’ knowledge and understanding of Asperger’s and Spectrum Disorders, but Greg was the first client to actually share with me the ‘human face’ and daily reality involved.

My hope for the Therapist Corner is that it will give me the opportunity to share with the reader some of the things Greg’s brave and honest sharing has taught me over these past 30 years.  It’s a real honor and privilege to be asked to contribute to the purpose and meaning behind Greg’s website!

I see counseling as a relationship between equals in which the person coming for help shares openly and freely about themselves; their thoughts, feelings, experiences and life story.  The therapist’s primary function is to be fully present and open to hearing what is shared in a safe and non-judgmental environment.  Like looking into a high quality mirror – clear and as free from distortion as possible.  The counseling relationship becomes a way to better see and understand yourself.  This process of self understanding then leads to positive changes in thinking, feeling, coping and responding to the challenges we all experience in daily life.