Anticipation Anxiety

I have faced this when my Dad or Boss would call me into an office because most the I have had bad experiences in this area.  Job interviews or first dates bring the same.  – Greg

by Dania Jekel, Executive Director, and Sonia Janks, Contributing Editor

I’ve used this platform many times to talk about anxiety because I think it is the most common and most difficult challenge almost everyone in our community faces, no matter the age. I am still surprised the American Psychiatric Association did not consider anxiety a core feature when it defined the criteria for an autism diagnosis in the DSM-5. The impact of anxiety for those with autism can pervade almost every part of life and, in some situations, it can become completely debilitating. 
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Autism & Empathy: Understanding Emotional Experience on the Spectrum

By Sean Inderbitzen, LCSW

I can relate to this article because at times people felt I was cold. – Greg

“What’s Wrong With Me?”

The question of emotional experience in the Autistic mind is one which really struggles to be put to words easily. So let’s visit heartbreaking moment from one of my autistic clients:

The young woman, 30, brown hair, looked at him, lips quivering and said, ”I’m sorry I hurt you and the boys so badly. I’m sorry that all of my shit was taken out of you. I’m sorry for all of it. But I’m not sorry for the good we did have. Because there was a lot of good.” The man, looked away from her eyes, for what was the last time, and replied, “Trauma doesn’t give you an excuse to be a shitty human being. And to me and those boys you were. This wasn’t an accident or a trigger. It was something I suspect you had thought through for some time, and a choice you made at my expense not with Me.” (an untold love story) read more