Handling Disclosure as a Self-Advocate

We have talked about this in the support group I am in.  When I was dating my ex wife I told her about it. She never made the effort to understand asbergers and recently she told me her family told her to run from me when we were dating.   My goal was to have understanding in my behavior under anxiety situations.  If I had know this while working I could have saved a couple of jobs.  – Greg

by Ryan Walsh

As an autistic self-advocate, it is no secret that disclosing my autism to others has and always will be a complicated process throughout my life. There are many factors that go into how, when, why, and to whom I will disclose my autism, but they all have to do with the purpose for the disclosure and the anticipated response. I do believe there are times where disclosure is disadvantageous as a result of potential mistreatment. When I do disclose, I generally only share the information that is relevant to the individual I’m disclosing to. read more

Research Study Group

I have been asked to participate in a study on autistic burnout and I hope to share the overall results with you in the future. The study is being done by Auburn University at Montgomery and the research team is exploring the benefit of self-help groups for coping with Autistic Spectrum Disorder burnout.  It consists of a questionnaire and an interview, asking about motivation, overall health, social skills and emotions.  I look forward to hearing the results as I do participate in self-help groups. – Greg