My Thoughts on the Covid Pandemic

What I am experiencing at this point in time with the Covid virus it something I never thought I would see in my lifetime. When I was in high school, experiencing the Vietnam war on TV every day was very anxiety provoking for me. I knew if I went to Vietnam I would come home in a body bag. Two years ago on a Semester at Sea program one of the ports was Vietnam.  I was able to see first-hand why I was grateful I did not have to go fight a war in that environment. Covid for me is more anxiety provoking than that time in high school due to its effect on the whole world.

I see similarities between this period of time and 9/11. During my work career I experienced many job losses due to a number of reasons. I saw how 9/11 destroyed the hotel industry I had been working in for many years.  During 9/11 we had to take extra days off without pay so people would not get laid off. We were asked by management to donate vacation time or sick time so the associates at the demolished property could get paid. Jobs were lost over time and the company became leaner after 9/11. Today, the whole industry has almost shut down and wonder if large companies like Marriott are at least providing health coverage for laid off staff.  Just like 9/11 this will streamline the industry even further. After 9/11 we had to do more with less.

I often wonder what my father would think if he were alive to experience this pandemic. The 2008 financial crisis put him in the hospital. He saw 40% of his hard work gone. What would he think of the behavior of our current leadership in the country? What would he think about the impact on the economy and the people? How would his experience with the polio vaccine, the great depression and WW2 impact his thoughts today if he was alive? He always believed in what was best for the country.