Digital Prowess for Adults with Special Needs: An Interview with the Co-founder of nonPareil Institute

nonPareil Institute is a nonprofit organization that helps adults with Autism learn hirable skills, such as coding and other digital techniques. Gary Moore is the President and Co-founder of this organization, along with Dan Selec (the CEO and Founder), and Moore agreed to donate some of his time to us for an interview.Moore became passionate about working with adults with Autism after his son, Andrew, was diagnosed with ASD. Below are all the incredible things that Moore and company are doing and hope to do to help adults with ASD achieve their full potential.

Question 1
You are educating students and giving them skills with which they can procure jobs, but you also admit on your website that employers are not currently prepared to employ people with ASD. Are you doing anything to combat the societal stigma toward ASD? Are there employers you can think of that are already working to employ more adults with ASD?

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