‘Autistic while black’: How autism amplifies stereotypes

As a black woman living in the United States, I am always mindful of what others think about me, and the assumptions they may make. As a black woman with autism, I am especially aware that colleagues often see me as an ‘angry black woman,’ even though my thoughts and behaviors are the opposite of this stereotype. (I prefer to label my ethnicity as black, not African American, because not all black people are African, and the majority are not American.)

Such cultural stereotypes make it particularly dangerous to be ‘autistic while black.’ Part of the reason people are quick to stereotype me is that there is no research on middle-aged black women with autism. read more



This is an autism group in Texas that I belong to. They now have an app you can use to connect – Greg

Local Autism Community Engagement Network
L.A.C.E. Nexus is Now Live!

LACE Nexus is a private web platform, and is available on Apple iOS and Android mobile devices as well. L.A.C.E. is your Local Autism Community Engagement Network. We are working to globally connect autism spectrum adults and their parents with local social events, service providers, training and employment opportunities. If you have an interest in autism, this is the private network for YOU.     go to website