This is an autism group in Texas that I belong to. They now have an app you can use to connect – Greg

Local Autism Community Engagement Network
L.A.C.E. Nexus is Now Live!

LACE Nexus is a private web platform, and is available on Apple iOS and Android mobile devices as well. L.A.C.E. is your Local Autism Community Engagement Network. We are working to globally connect autism spectrum adults and their parents with local social events, service providers, training and employment opportunities. If you have an interest in autism, this is the private network for YOU.     go to website

30 Ways to Celebrate Autism Awareness Month

We love getting EVERYONE  involved in Autism Awareness Month.  We like to take a goal focused approach to our Autism Awareness Month activities by choosing projects that facilitate positive attitudes &  discussions.  We pass out materials, have contests, go to events, do extra talks, and try and engage EVERYONE we know and even some we do not know.  We do a lot of shopping (with small amount of money, but we have to EAT and accessorize).  Our families, pets, friends, and students all participate.  It is a month filled with purposeful fun.  Here are some of the things we will be doing. Please share any activities or projects that you know about.

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