Energy with Nancy

A major challenge for me in addition to my Asbergers is anxiety, which in my marriage shows up in the ever changing dynamics of my wife’s choices. In addition the constant verbal abuse from my wife, it also takes a toll on my body’s energy system.

When I first came back to start on a year’s program of acupuncture and energy healing, my health needed to be rebuilt. I had been in the hospital for what I thought was the flu and turned out to be septic shock. After a year of stressful living with my wife and financially supporting her and her kids, I was worn out mentally. I was also trying to recover from the loss of my father who was my rock. We started a program to rebuild my health physically and mentally.   

When I first started the program I would receive acupuncture and energy healing with some discussion. Over the course of a year it has been a progression of learning body awareness skills like grounding, breathing, and mantras. This support provides safety with a place and routine to learn how to take care of my self and learning boundaries. The hardest boundaries were creating financial ones and now I have a safe structure in place. My next goal is to cut out the verbal abuse.

One of the first things my healer gave me was a rock that looks like a egg as a symbol to help me center myself. While on the Chi machine we moved my body and used color therapy.  Colored glasses, blue and red, helped with my centering. My favorite was yellow because it reminded me of the sun and sometimes would bring light into my sad mind. I would take a step forward in my efforts and at times three steps back. The yellow glasses would pull me out of that mood. The next step is to get me into a workout routine with a trainer. Then, the next step in the healing process is to study the four agreements. Learning some of the concepts will help me reduce my mental stress and improve relationships with people.