Masking and Mental Health Implications

Here is a harsh reality — there are elevated rates of mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety among autistic people (Cage & Troxell-Whitmann, 2019; Lever & Geurts, 2016). There is also higher suicidality in the autistic population compared to the general public with 66% of autistics having contemplated suicide compared to 17% in the general population (Cassidy, Bradley & Robinson, et al., 2014; Segers, 2014; Zahid & Upthegrove, 2017). read more


Difficulty identifying emotions linked to poor mental health in autistic people


Autistic people who have trouble identifying their emotions, a condition known as alexithymia, are likely to have anxiety, depression and problems with social communication, according to a new study1. Alexithymia may also contribute to worsening mental health: People with severe alexithymia are more likely than those without to develop anxiety over time.

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Autism behind bars

Prisons are often ill-equipped to handle autistic inmates, who are at risk for mental health problems and abuse.

by Peter Hess

Andrew Beasley was quickly losing his cool. It was October 2015, and he was about two years into his sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution, Fort Dix in New Jersey.

Beasley, then 32, had left his MP3 player on a charging station in the facility’s computer room, but when he went to retrieve it, it was gone. He thought he knew who had it and frantically started to look for the man.

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