This is an autism group in Texas that I belong to. They now have an app you can use to connect – Greg

Local Autism Community Engagement Network
L.A.C.E. Nexus is Now Live!

LACE Nexus is a private web platform, and is available on Apple iOS and Android mobile devices as well. L.A.C.E. is your Local Autism Community Engagement Network. We are working to globally connect autism spectrum adults and their parents with local social events, service providers, training and employment opportunities. If you have an interest in autism, this is the private network for YOU.     go to website

It’s Never Too Late

This is a good article. This happened to me and I can relate to it. – Greg

I recently discussed the impact of receiving a diagnosis later in life with a small group of adults on the spectrum. Most felt it was a huge relief to discover there was a reason for the many struggles they had faced during their life. One remarked that, getting a diagnosis was like “waking up to the sun after many dark days. read more

Live, Virtual Seminar, November 21, 2019

Finding Employment that Works for

Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome/Autism

This is good. I can relate that I was in the wrong job all my life but I did manage to survive under one boss for 12 years because I showed up, was loyal, and could do what he did not want to do. – Greg

Finding the right job or career often poses a significant challenge for individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome (autism spectrum disorder) … and for professionals who assist them. Standard career planning protocols and occupational assessments are not designed to evaluate the unique profile of abilities and challenges of those on the autism spectrum.  read more